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Gita Akhanda Parayana

The Gitā Satsang Group at IIMB celebrates the culmination of its weekly Gitā classes by organizing a Akhanda Gitā Pārāyaṇam on Sunday, December 7, 2014. 

The venue for the function is Sree Rama Mandir, East End, Jayanagar. The program details are as follows:

08.45 am : Program begins with a Pooja to Yogeshwara Krishna

09.30 am : Chanting of Srimad Bhagavad Gitā begins

12.00 noon : Talk by the Guest of Honour

12.30 pm : Mahāmangala ārati

12.45 pm : Mahāprasādam (Lunch)

You are cordially invited to join with your family and friends the Akhanda Gitā Pārāyaṇam and receive the divine blessings of Yogeshwara Krishna.

Please RSVP your presence by updating your details here

PS: You can bring along your copy of bhagavad gita. If not, we have made arrangements to have copies of bhagavad gita in English, Hindi and Devanagari scripts. 
In the run up to the event, we will upload softcopies of bhagavad gita in other languages for your convience. 
Venue details:
Sree Ramamandir is on the East End Main Road in Jayanagar. It is off Jayadeva Hospital and is

accessible from the Bannerghatta Road and Jayanagar Ring Road (connecting Banashankari to Silk 


Ram Mandir Location

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